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We're devoted to helping Tucson's youth!

Camp Wildcat is a student-run, non-profit 501(c)(3) organization at the University of Arizona with over 100 dedicated volunteers who provide cost-free activities for fun, friendship, and to portray college as an attainable goal for everyone!

Camp Wildcat's Events

Big camps

Weekend-long camps in the wilderness where students learn about college and general success while participating in games, songs, and educational activities.

Adventure camps

Just like our Big Camps, but with a day-long hike on the Saturday of camp!

On-campus camps

Weekend-long camps on the University of Arizona campus. Similar to Big Camps, but students get to experience a closer look at campus life.

Day activites

Shorter activities that the members put on in schools. We bring the fun to you!

Let's Go Camping!

Information for campers, parents, and teachers

"My child got invited to camp"

Your child is in for a treat! Camp Wildcat events are free of charge and are staffed by U of A students. We've had multiple generations of campers join us since our first camp in 1965.

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"I wanna go"

Unfortunately, Camp Wildcat doesn't work that way! We run many events throughout the year, but we always select a school to work with first and then invite students to join us.

About CW

"Let's work together"

We work with Title 1 schools from several school districts in the greater Tucson area. We're always looking for new kids. If you believe students at your school or program would benefit from participating in one of our programs, please let us know!

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Camp Wildcat is a non-profit completely supported by generous donors and hard working volunteers.

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Stay in touch via our mailing list or continue your support via Friends of Camp Wildcat! CW wouldn't exist today without the thousands of students who have volunteered over the past 50 years!

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A few times each year, we'll let you know what's happening with CW!

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