Camp Wildcat Alumni

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Camp Wildcat Summer Camp Staff - 1969

Row 1: Marylu Ferrer, Rich Houk, Joe Dixon, Bill Flores
Row 2: Mike Chihak, Barbara Klopp, Ed Pritchard, Mark Varvir, Jay Adkins, Lindsay Copeland, Mike Ostapuk, Ned Sutton, Grant Smith
Standing: Patty Berger, Sylvia Soltero, Margie Soltero, Michele Brandt, Renee Donnelly, Sandy Young, Pat Sweeney, Judy Scheideler, Diana Lee, Judy James, Kathy Walsh, Kelton Aker
Missing: John Hoelle, Jon Powell, Barbara Armstrong, Mike Hatcher, Bill Lavor, Bill Mitchell, Glenn O'Grady

Camp Wildcat is staffed and directed entirely by
student volunteers at The University of Arizona

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