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1 Survival Camp
Whitetail Campground, Mt Lemmon
(Tomorrow) Friday, April 25
3:00 PM (meet at Highland Garage (Highland and Helen))
  Last Tutoring at Cavett!
Cavett Elementary School, East Naco Vista, Tucson, AZ
Next Friday, May 02
3:00 PM (meet at The Student Union traffic circle at 2:40 PM)
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  Grand Canyon Camp
The Grand Canyon
Thursday, May 29
7:00 AM (meet at University of Arizona)
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Camp Wildcat is a student-run, non-profit organization at the University of Arizona devoted to improving the lives of Tucson’s financially, mentally, and physically disadvantaged youth. Over 100 dedicated volunteers work each year to facilitate cost-free activities for fun, friendship, and to portray college as an attainable goal for everyone.

Activities include weekend-long camps, a week-long summer camp, day activities, mock camps in the University Medical Center Pediatrics Ward, backpacking trips for middle school students, and other special events for children.

Camp Wildcat is staffed and directed entirely by
student volunteers at The University of Arizona

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