Friends of Camp Wildcat Scholarship Endowment

The Friends of Camp Wildcat Scholarship will be awarded to incoming or continuing University of Arizona students from southern Arizona who have financial need. The scholarship is funded by the Friends of Camp Wildcat Scholarship Endowment. Both the endowment and the scholarship application process are administered by the U of A Foundation.


One of the fundamental purposes of CW taking low-income kids to camp is to encourage their ambition for higher education. The financial reality of attending the U of A prevents many from considering it. The goal of the Friends of Camp Wildcat scholarship is to aid students similar to the kids that Camp Wildcat
serves: residents of southern Arizona from families with financial need.

Who can contribute

Any friends or alumni of Camp Wildcat are welcome to participate in the scholarship.

What to contribute

  • Charitable gifts of many kinds qualify for our scholarship:
  • A bequest in a will or living trust
  • Life insurance beneficiary
  • Contributions from an IRA
  • Cash
  • Personal property such as art, rare books, and other collections
  • Stocks
  • Real estate
  • Dividend distributions

How to contribute

The scholarship endowment is administered by the U of A Foundation and contributions can be made in several ways:

  • Send a check made out to the UA Foundation, Attn: Chris Fraker, Gift Planning, 1111 N Cherry Ave, Tucson, AZ 85721  (520) 621-8821
  • Indicate in an accompanying letter (and/or on the check memo line) that your gift is for the Friends of Camp Wildcat Scholarship Endowment
  • To give through an estate plan or any other options above, contact Chris Fraker directly at (520) 991-7775


My education at UofA determined my path in life. I love the idea of paying it forward and helping students overcome the financial barrier of higher education.

Wendy S. (1971)


While getting a degree in Education, Camp Wildcat was the perfect volunteer activity for me. What I gained was so much more, working with children, lifelong friends, skills in organization, planning, team work, leadership and so much more. With this scholarship I want to help future UofA students get these experiences also.

Barb M. (1971)


I started going to camp with CW because of a girl, but it was clear to me that my kids needed as much time and attention as I could give.  I stayed with CW until I graduated.  I got back so much more than I was able to give them and I think they still need my help to achieve their academic goals.

Jay A. (1969)



Our intention is to aid students similar to the kids Camp Wildcat serves: residents of southern Arizona from families with financial need. Following are the criteria for scholarship applicants:

  • Financial need as determined by FAFSA or another indicator of financial need
  • Priority will be given for incoming freshmen and transfer students from Southern Arizona: Pima, Cochise, Santa Cruz Counties
  • Consideration will also be given for past participation in Camp Wildcat as a camper or member of the Camp Wildcat organization
  • Full-time enrollment status (minimum of 12 units per semester)
  • Incoming freshman students must meet the admission criteria of the University of Arizona
  • Service to Camp Wildcat will be encouraged from scholarship recipients
  • Scholarship recipients may qualify for additional years (up to completion of the degree) if the recipient continues to maintain the eligibility criteria

When the FCW endowment reaches the minimum of $25,000, the U of A Foundation will start awarding scholarships.

Wendy Shattil from the FCW Scholarship Committee is available to answer questions at



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