Frequently Asked Questions for New Members

How do I join Camp Wildcat?

You can officially register as a member of Camp Wildcat by clicking on the following link and filling in the required information:

Doing this will allow you to sign up for events and apply for camps.  It will also add you to our listserv.

Is it too late to sign up?

No! New members are welcome at any time.  We have events throughout the year and always need volunteers.

What are the requirements for members? Are there club dues?

There are no required volunteer hours.  Involvement is flexible; all volunteers participate in events as their schedules allow.  There are no club dues.

What kinds of things does Camp Wildcat do?

Activities with kids:

  • 3 weekend camping trips (“Big Camps,” “Adventure Camps”) each semester and 1 extended trip in the summer.
  • Day activities at schools, hospitals, shelters, etc.

Membership development activities:

  • 2 camps for new counselors (Counselor Training Camps) at the beginning of each semester
  • Weekly socials

Various fundraisers, including:

  • Football and basketball concessions at UA home games
  • Benefit auction
  • 5k

How can I get involved in upcoming events?

The Events Calendar on the “Members” section of the website has details about each upcoming event/activity and a place where you can sign up/apply.

You can also find out about events by attending our weekly meetings or by reading the weekly emails.

Meetings: When? Where? What?

During the school year, meetings are held on Sunday nights (except for holiday weekends) at 7 pm in the Union Kiva Room, located at the northeast corner on the main level of the Student Union, near Einsteins Bagels.

Meetings are a great way to find out about everything that is going on in the club and meet other Camp Wildcat members.

Can I get community service hours when I participate in Camp Wildcat events?

Camp Wildcat board members can sign off on community service hours for participation in activities with kids, fundraisers, and selected other events.  (Camp Wildcat community service form available upon request.)




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