Camp Wildcat´s Favorite Skits

Cheers for Skits
Do You Know What Lips Are For?
Bumblebee, Bumblebee...
Candy Store Suckers
Invisible Bench
Doctor's Office
Furniture, Furniture
Movie Theater
J.C. Penney
Orange Stand
Important Papers
Morning Routine

Cheers for Skits

  • Hospital - Sick, sick, sick...
  • Watermelon - Eat watermelon, spit seeds.
  • 4th of July - Whistle, "aaah" while hands do firework motions.
  • Mark Kaufman - Ahwsome.
  • Mr. Burns - "Exellent" (tap fingers together with hands).
  • Banana - 1, 2, 3 (peeling) splat-noise (hand squishes banana).
  • Roller coaster - Roller coaster sound and arm motion.
  • Standing O - "Oh yeahhhhh" bringing arms from feet over head in O-shape.
  • All american - Hip-Hip-Hooray (3x).
  • Seal of Approval - Clap and bark like a seal.
  • Mosquito - Clap hands in random places.
  • Round of Applause - Clap hands in circle.
  • Seven days - "week, week, week...".
  • Law firm - "Practice, practice"
  • Cheese Grater - Get your grater, get your cheese, mime grating cheese, "Great, great, great, great, great!"
  • Lion Train - Make train chugging motion, with lion paws "Rawr choo! Rawr choo! rawr choo!"
  • French Electric: "Son of a gun we're gonna have big fun, sun of a gun we're gonna have big fun"
  • Toddlers and Tiaras - Put feet in 5th position, kiss pointer finger tips and make a heart shape, say "Ahhhhhhh"
  • Howard Dean - Ran for president in 2004, Said in a speech: "Not only are we going to New Hampshire, we're going to South Carolina and Oklahoma and Arizona and North Dakota and New Mexico, and we're going to California and Texas and New York.... And we're going to South Dakota and Oregon and Washington and Michigan, and then we're going to Washington, D.C., to take back the White House! BYAHHHH!" The cheer is just "BYAHHHH!", and you swing your right arm across your body

  • James Franco - In Spider Man 3, sassily responds to waitress when asked about the deliciousness of his pie: "Soooooo good" (Eat pie with a spoon sassily)

  • M Night Shamalan - Always directs movies with a huge plot twist at the end, so take your right pinky and make a twisting shape, and "What a twist!" 
  • Indiana Jones - "It belongs in a museum!" 
  • Rock Lobster - Make lobster claws with hands, click claws and say "c-c-c-cooollll!"
  • Freezing Cool - Invented by a camper! Make shivering mostion and say "Freeeeezing cool!" (On cool make pointing motion with both hands)
  • Dean Grater - Combination of Howard Dean and cheese grater: get your grater, get your dean, "Byahh byahh byahh byahh byahhh" (make grating motion)
  • Dean Coaster - Combination of Howard Dean and roller coaster, "Click click click click BYAHH BYAHH BYAHH BYAHH BYAHH"
  • Sweet Dean - Sort of combination of Sweet Caroline and Howard Dean: "Sweet Caroline, BYAHH BYAHH BYAHH"
  • James Dean - Combination of James Franco and Howard Dean: "Sooooooo BYAHH!"
  • Lego - "Everything is Awesome!" (do lego man dance)
  • Nailed It! - Get your hammer, get your nail, "Thunk, thunk, thunk, nailed it!" (Make hammering motion)
  • Hannah Montana - ("Everybody has those days, everybody makes mistakes") "Nobody's perfect!" & dance
  • Sweet Caroline - "So good! So good! So good!"
  • Ferris Buehler - "Bow bow, oh yeahhh, chika chikaaaa"

Do you know what lips are for?

How it works:
Boy and girl (Juan and Lily) counselor sit next to each other on bench.
Lily: Hey Juan?
Juan: (Curious and coy) Yeah Lily?
Lily: Do you know what toes are for?.
Juan: (With mischevious, sheepish grin) Yeah....

They look excitedly at one other, inch their toes together with anticipation, touch toes briefly and recoil quickly while turning away from one another and giggling uncontrollably. Childlike romantic tension should be evident. Repeat this dialogue with legs, knees, hips, elbows, shoulders,etc. until they get to lips.

Lily Hey Juan?
Juan Yeah Lily?
Lily Do you know what lips are for?
Juan Yeah...

Counselors pause for a minute to giggle, then lean in toward each other slowly with the anticipation of a kiss. At the last moment before their lips touch, they pull away and vibrate their lips with their pointer finger while humming (the crazy person sound)

Bumblebee, Bumblebee...

A counselor, Nitin, is on stage with a glass of water. Nitin is acting really strange and far off, pretty out of it and moving slowly, grabbing at objects in midair that aren´t there. Stupid goofy look on his face. Jeremy walks on stage...

Jeremy: Hey Nitin, do you want to play a game?

Jeremy proceeds to teach Nitin to be a "flower" that goes "up in the morning" and "down in the evening". Nitin stands up tall with arms raised and hands like petals as he says "up in the morning". He bends over like a wilted flower as he says "down in the "evening". Jeremy is a bumblebee, he explains to Nitin. Nitin is supposed to got through the cycles of day and night repeatedly. When he comes up in the morning with Jeremy buzzing around him he is supposed to tell Jeremy: "Bumblebee, bumblebee, show me the honey". Jeremy meanwhile has gone to get a sip of water and is ready to spit on Nitin when he says "show me the honey"

Comedy ensues because Nitin can never get the part right. He always forgets something, says it wrong (e.g. "Bumblebee, bumblebee, show me the MONEY") or gets distracted. Jeremy gets frustrated and spits out his water to the side after every time Nitin screws up so that he can talk to Nitin and correct him.

The last time through Nitin has gotten a sip of water while Jeremy wasn´t looking and when Nitin says nothing (bc his mouth is full of water) when he should be saying "show me the honey"...

Nitin: (Spits on Jeremy as he says this)

Candy Store Suckers

You´ll need two or more people, plus volunteers from the audience and a long sturdy stick. Cast: an owner of a candy store and one or more customers. The owner asks for two volunteers from the audience (preferably counselors or easy-going kids because some kids, especially little ones, might be embarrassed). These two volunteers hold either ends of the stick and stand in front of the candy store owner like a counter.

1st Customer: (Enters) Do you have any Hershey bars (or candied apples or tootsie rolls or whatever)??
Owner: No, I?m sorry. We don´t have any of those.
2nd Customer: (Enters and asks for a second kind of candy that the owner doesn´t have).

This goes on for awhile (at least three customers). Make sure the customers don´t ask for lollipops or suckers.

1st Customer: (Comes back) If you don´t have any of those candies, then what do you have?
Owner: Two suckers on a stick!

Invisible Bench

At least 3-4 people are needed.
Person 1: (On the stage, squatting as though sitting on a bench)
Person 2: (Enters) What are you doing?
Person 1: Sitting on the Invisible Bench.
Person 2: Can I join you??
Person 1: Sure.
Person 2: (Squats/sits on the invisible bench next to Person 1)
Person 3: (Enters) What are you doing??
Persons 1 and 2: Sitting on the invisible bench.
This continues with however many people you want until the final person comes out.

Final Person: What are you (all) doing?
Bench People: Sitting on the invisible bench.
Final Person: (Points away) But I moved it over there last night!
Bench People: (Fall)

Wee Skit

Best with 5 or more people. Everyone sits in a line on the edge of the stage or on a bench or row of chairs. The person at one end of the line says, "I have to go wee". This message is passed down the line of people, with everyone saying something about it (e.g. "He has to go wee already", "Again!" etc.), until the message reaches the person at the other end. This person says, "It´s not time yet." This message is passed back up the line to the original person. The original person sits fidgeting for a little bit as if they have to pee, then asks again, "Can I go wee yet?" The message is passed down the line to the person on the opposite end, who says,"Ok, fine, it´s time". The message is passed excitedly back up the line. When it gets back to the first person, s/he jumps up and yells "Wheeee" with everyone else following suit.


Two actors are going camping (traditionally roles are modified to fit theme of camp), they get to where they will camp for the night and one pulls out a tent, but  they refuse to have the second person sleep in the tent with them. After attempts to cajole the first person, they both go to sleep (second person outside). While they sleep, each of 4 trolls, who have previously been off stage, shout consecutively: "From the North", "From the South", "From the East", "From the West", then together: "We are the tickle Trolls of Camp Wildcat" (North, South, East, West, tickle, and Camp Wildcat can be altered according to the theme of the camp). They then run up to the two sleeping actors, tickle the second one sleeping outside, and run back off stage.

The second actor gets up, wakes up the first, explains he was just attacked, and pleads to change places. The other won't switch and tells him to go back to sleep. 
Once settled down, the trolls repeat the same process and tickle him/her again. Again, they plead with the first person  to trade. They can deny and repeat again, or agree to switch places.

After they settle down, the troll come back again. Just as they are going to start tickling the person outside, one stops and says 'Hey, we've tickled this [erson outside the tent enough - let's get the one in the tent!!'. They tickle the same person, THE END

Orange Stand


Important Papers



To honor two people, skit starts with two yoga instructors and two sets of "legs" (two more people under sleepingbags), who call up the counselors to be honored. The instructors proceed to do poses with their legs, and ask the students to do the same (which they can't) For the final pose, the instructors say they are going to strech their spine, and proceed to stand up, holding the sleeping bag, making their spine seem super long (which the students can't do). Then they drop the sleeping bags and revela the truth.



There are two main actors, one dog actor, one actor serving as the pizza deliverer and paramedic, a director, and a camera operator.  The two main actors are trying to make a pizza commercial.  They´re watching a sports game on TV and decide to order pizza.  After the pizza arrives, one of them starts to choke on the pizza while the other person calls the paramedic.  The director´s job is to give direction to the commercial by suggesting a particular style that the commercial should be done in: hip hop, opera, as models, kung-fu, super slow, super fast, etc.  After the director dubs it the "perfect take", everyone celebrates except for the camera operator.  He/she announces that he/she forgot to put film in the camera and everyone chases that person off stage.


This skit has two main fighters, three people on a bench, and the person who has the camera.  The person w/camera caught something really cool in the park and wants to show it to everyone.  The two fighters are across from each other, walk across the stage, bump each other.  One says: "Sorry". The other says "Whatever".  The camera person stops it and asks if everyone saw the really cool thing.  Everyone shouts no, so s/he rewinds it.  The actors on rewind say: "Repitwa" and "Eross".  Then, the camera person puts it on slow.  Same results. Then, the camera person accidently puts it on SUPER FAST.  Again, nothing different.  Finally, it´s put on super slow.  Once the two main fighters hit shoulders, the music is turned out.  Chaos ensues ;)

Doctor´s Office

You need (at least) 6 people.  One person is the receptionist at the doctor´s office.  One person (usually male) is the first patient, waiting for a general check-up.  Then 2-3 individuals come in one at a time with different ailments (i.e. sneezing, itching, coughing, paranoia, narcalepsy, etc.) and every time they sit down next to the "healthy" patient, he contracts their ailment.  Finally, when he´s demonstrating all three ailments, the last person comes in (usually a female) who is pregnant.  Then, the "healthy" patient runs out of the "office" screaming.


Kissing Line

A CW tradition!  Directors are in charge of this skit.  Remember, not everything is as it seems : )

Furniture, Furniture

Another CW tradition! The directors design their own apartment using counselors/campers as furniture.

Movie Theater

A group of people sit down in the "movie theater" when a couple walks in to try and find seats.  The people refuse to move, so the couple must split up and sit on either side of the group.  One part of the couple passes the popcorn down to the other, but the group of people eat out of the popcorn bag, and when it reaches the other part of the couple, it´s empty.  That part of the couple shouts down angrily.  The group continues to watch the movie and gets annoyed at the couple.  Then, the same part of the couple passes down a soda, which again is consumed by the group and is empty when reaching the other part of the couple.  Again, that part of the couple is angry.  So, the other part passes down a kiss.  When it reaches the end, that part of the couple is shocked and slaps the person next to him/her, which then the slap is passed down to the end.  The part of the couple who initiated the slap leaves, leaving the group, and then the other part chases off after.

J.C. Penney

At least 6 people-- one person is the man shedding his clothes (hidden from the audience); another is the employee; then four people need to come in asking for an item of clothing-- starting with the sweatshirt, then the t-shirt, then the shorts, and finally the boxes.  The employee will walk to the "back of the store" and proceed to "beat" the person whose clothes are being taken.  Then, the employee will give the clothes to the appropriate customer.  when the last person comes in asking for boxers, the employee goes to the back, but the guy who is in just his boxers comes out running and screaming.


There is a counselor dressed up with two headlaps on their head & other odd clothing, possibly not being worn correctly. They introduce themselves as Igor, or the first visitor simply wanders on stage. 


Two counselors bed over and cover themselves with an unzipped sleeping bag, with only their legs showing and one arm of the first person, to make an elephant shape. 

Morning Routine

This is a Director's Skit. The Directors sit on coolers/some sort of object and put their arms at their sides or behind their backs, and the cooks kneels unseen behind them and act as their arms. 
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