Day Activities

Hi! My name is Rae Pickens and I am Camp Wildcats Day Activites Chair this year! I love people, coffee, and the outdoors. You can contact me at

Day activities are fun and educational single-day events, typically requiring a time commitment of only a few hours. This gives Camp Wildcat an opportunity to positively impact the lives of various children in the Tucson community outside of our weekend-long camping trips. 

It is our goal to grow as many young lives as we can, whether it be on a long-term basis or simply an afternoon in the sun. 

Some day activities already planned for the semester include: pen pals, mock camp, and challenge program. Come to the meetings, check the site, or email me to get involved with these! 

Check the events calendar on the Members page for upcoming events and updated information.

Get involved with Day Activities!

Interested in developing and planning creative single-day events for underserved youth in the Tucson area?  Come talk to me, before/after a meeting or feel free to email me at!

I´d love your help! Directing a day activity is a great and easy way to get more involved in Camp Wildcat.

Office hours

This semester (Fall 2018) we no longer have an office, so if you ever want to meet up, feel free to contact me and we can find a location! I enjoy the company, and would love to hear about your ideas for future activities.

Can´t make the meetings but still want to be involved?

Check the website for upcoming activities and information.  

Questions about Day Activities or have an idea for an event?  E-mail me at!



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