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"Lack of money is no obstacle. Lack of an idea is an obstacle."

- Unknown


Constitutional Duties

The Fundraising Director shall plan, at the beginning of each semester, several fundraising activities, to include at least one major project each semester; shall work closely with the Community and Campus Relations Directors in order to get maximum publicity for such events; may choose to maintain a committee to assist with organizing these events. (See Article V, Section 5)


U of A Sporting Event Concessions

Work at football or basketball games selling water, soda, candy or other goodies for CW!

Brett Brestel
Union Dining Services Manager of Student Concessions
621-4286 or 370-3120

For the administrative side of things (getting copies of sales sheets, etc) contact
Concessions Office
Mckale Center room 110
Viky Arvizu-UA Concessions Department

Football Schedule: Use it to double-check game times as they are subject to change.
Basketball Schedule: Double-check game times before you plan the fundraiser!

Camp Wildcat acquired a stand at the football games in the fall of 2004. Concessions can be a big job, but they are also very lucrative. The large stands require 10-14 people to run. Through past experience and as a general rule, 10 should always be the minumum; any less and you may run into problems with speed and efficiency. Fundraising Chairs and select others should be trained to be managers at the beginning of the season. Managerial responsibility includes being at the game about four hours early to do inventory and get the stand ready and running.  Everyone else should arrive two-three hours before game time and get the stand ready to open. The stand opens one and a half hours before the game begins. Closed-toed shoes, a hat, and an apron are required; hats and aprons are provided by the stadium. Camp Wildcat recieves a 10% commission of total sales for the game at that stand, but in the past, if the stand has not grossed much, we are paid hourly by member.

Basketball Concessions are simpler and easier.  Every game, 8 members show up two-three hours before game time and help set up a small popcorn stand that is managed by a concessions worker.  They help make popcorn and work at the cash registers and help with cleanup.  CW makes $6/hour per person working.


Customer Service Survey

Once or twice a year, Camp Wildcat performs surveys around various locations throughout the Student Unions and other food stops.

Contact: Brian Keintz
Phone: 520.621.1417


T-Shirt Auction

Member-donated, 100% profit, and can serve as a social!

Members donate old or homemade T-shirt that are cute and snazzy, then gather for the event which includes a runway lined with colorful lighting and a soundtrack of dance-pop, as member "helpers" model the shirt and one at a time they are auctioned off (in $.50-$1.00 incriments) to the audience. "Back in the Day" T-shirts from the Cw Archives (storage) are brought into the auction too. And if there is a large number of shirts, t-shirts can be sold on the side during the auction for a fixed price. At the end of the night if there are many shirt left, sell them all for $1, and donate the leftovers to a clothing drive.

Some form of publicity should be done, flyering is a good idea.
Contact: Nicole Sanderson
Phone: 908.295.0266


See's Candy Sale

CW has an account with See´s Candy Store at 5770 E Broadway in Tucson that will never expire. Call in and tell them you are from CW and you´d like to place an order, or just show up. They offer different holiday or seasonal candy packages at a reduced rate for retail sale.

This fundraiser requires diligent record keeping...
Buy boxes from See´s at half the retail price, and have members take a box or more (individual boxes of 24) of See´s candy bars/items. And sell the bars for a fixed price. [One suggestion might be: 1 bar for $2 or 2 bars for $3. Each 24-bar box making $36-$48.] Record the members name, email and phone number, how many boxes they are taking, and ask them to give themselves a due date to return the money and sign the contract. A final deadline for the sale may be implimented.

Contact any employee at:
See's Candies Inc.
5770 E. Broadway Blvd.
Tucson, AZ 85711
Phone: 520.747.3434
Fax: 520.747.0418


Annual Auction

Getting Donations

  • Elect a general member early in the fall semester to be the Donations director for the event, and make sure they get the help that they need.
  • Donations will be accumulated in the classic solicitation style:
    • Call a business on behalf of Camp Wildcat requesting a specific donation or a general donation
    • Follow up with a written request and Club tax ID statement (forms available on the board docs page)
    • Arrange a Pick up time, and pick up donations
  • Formulate goals for the donations set early on e.g.
    • Travel
    • U of A specialty (sports achievement collectables and department novelties)
    • Tucson appreciation (local art, crafts, music and culture from the area)
  • Donations should be accumulated all year long, and finished at least one month before auction date.
  • The donations director will have to delegate to many general members. Much man power is required. 


  • Try to pick a location that is not intimidating to potential guests. The factors to consider are size, convenience, layout, and "name".
  • Reservation should be made early in the fall semester, because many places fill up fast.
  • Get a weekend date preferably, so that out-of-town guests may be accomodated.
  • Update Auction page as early as possible for publicity purposes (see below).


  • Alumni Relations Director should be involved in publicity amongst alumni. He/She should contact them at least once during the fall semester with the Auction information, and twice during the Spring Semester, prior to the event. But it is the responsibility of the director or chairperson to write a message about the event with all the details they know thus far (date, location) and give it to the Alumni chair to pass along.
  • A link to the Auction webpage can be posted on the Alumni Page of the CampWildcat website.
  • Campus Relations director should help with getting members psyched for the event. Encourage participation, and help with sign-ups and getting people to be the "helpers".
  • Community Relations director should work on extending the auction to the public. Send personal invitations to donors, principles of schools CW has worked with that year and previous years, parents of memebers, and business executives, the business people who have sponsored CW fundraisers, and U of A "big ups" including the Union director, CSIL director etc.
  • Tickets should be distributed to members AT LEAST one month ahead of the event to sell to their friends and family.  Most attendees historically have been parents and friends of members.  It is the responisbility of the fundraising chairperson to make and distribute these tickets in an organized way.


  • The treasurer should be present at the event to collect money at the door for ticket sales and to collect money from the winners of the items, and they should also make a record of the names and contact info of the guests for future reference.
  • An auctioneer has traditionally been used, as the live auction feature was supposed to draw a larger crowd, however they are expensive and may not return the money that they cost to the club if the attendence is low.  Consider both options.

Using Credit Cards

Camp Wildcat has a merchant account with Wells Fargo Merchant Services that allows us to accept credit/debit card payments at our annual auction or other fundraisers.This account is linked to our checking account at DM Federal Credit Union (DMFCU). After we receive credit card payments, the money automatically goes into our DMFCU account.

Therefore, it is very important that if we change checking accounts that the treasurer update Wells Fargo Merchant Services with the new account that credit card money should be sent to.

This merchant (credit card) account was set up by Kirk McGettigan (see the alumni site to contact him) in 2003 so that CW would not have to depend on auctioneer´s merchant accounts to accept credit cards. If you have questions about the account, feel free to contact him.

The account is in Camp Wildcat´s name and employer ID (taxper ID) number. The account carries no fees. Wells Fargo will loan the credit card machine to us for free upon request. Simply ask to meet with Jane Allan-Burge (or the current Wells Fargo Merchant Services sales executive) and she will bring the credit card machine to us and explain how to use it.

For the credit card machine to work, we must have access to a working phone line that can dial 1(800) numbers. Make sure that the room we book for the annual auction has such a phone line at a reasonable price.

A percentage of every transaction that we run on the credit card machine goes to pay VISA or Mastercard. As of 2003 the rates were $0.20 per transaction plus 3.05% of the sale (e.g. on a $100 sale at the auction we would be charged $3.25). This money is automatically debited from the balance in our account, so you don´t have to worry about getting a bill from VISA or Mastercard.

Here is the contact information for Wells Fargo Merchant Services:

Jane Allan-Burge, Sales Executive
Wells Fargo Merchant Services
10585 N Oracle Rd
Oro Valley, AZ 85737
520.797.7963 Fax
1.800.767.2484 Voicemail Ext. 5694


Christine Sullivan & John Hughes, GPPA - have been doing CW auctions since the late 90's
Count Your Assets: Auction and Appraisal Services
P.O Box 43293
Tucson, AZ 85733
Phone: 520.326.0192
Fax: 520.323.1825
Digital Pager: 520.748.5970

Richard Houk
Phone: 760.753.3024


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