Campus Relations Information

Constitutional Duties

The Campus Relations Director shall establish and maintain an active on-campus public relations program.  Specifically, the director shall see that all Camp Wildcat events and deadlines are announced through a variety of media, including a weekly email sent to members; shall facilitate club promotion on campus and serve to recruit new membership; shall coordinate social activities for student members of Camp Wildcat throughout the school year; and may choose to maintain a committee to assist with organizing and executing these events. 


Socials: Having Fun in C-Dub

Socials are a great way to get to know members in CW and take time out of your busy schedule to hang out with some awesome people.  The socials are also a fun way to get involved and explore the Tucson community.  Every week we have events that range from themed movie nights to mini golf to learning about Tucson's culture.  Come meet amazing people and make great friendships with CW's Socials!

More examples of socials

  • The Annual CW Guac Off, where once a year members showcase their guacamole in a competitive setting! 
  • The Corn Maze, where courageous members risk life and limb in Tucson's own haunted corn maze
  • Suited-up Laser Tag, where we dress to the nines and pit counselor against counselor in three-story laser tag!

Where to Find Socials

Social events for members are announced at the weekly meetings, will be listed in the calendar at, and will be included in the weekly emails!  


Recruiting New Members

The Campus Relations Director is responsible for bringing new people into the club. This is generally done through tabling on the UA mall, organizing presentations on the club in large lecture-style classrooms, and engaging with potential members that he or she meets!

Places To Notify of CW Events

The Daily Wildcat

For big events like camps or major fundraisers, submit a notice to the CatCalls section of The Daily Wildcat by e-mailing the submission at least two days before you would like it to appear in the paper to the address below. Publication is at the discretion of the editor.
Matthew Peterson 2002-2003

UA Master Calendar
Not only is the calendar a promotional opportunity but it also assists other event planners in selecting dates for their events. Information providers can list their url web sites, email links, and even attached photos to their listings. News sources check the calendar listing for news coverages and photo opps. You can review other listing for kids by using the quick keyword search box (located upper right side of screen) and type in summer programs or camps then hit the search button. Click on the highlighted title to review the entire listing.


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