Chairperson of Camp Wildcat

Martha Kiela (2019-2020)
Camp Wildcat Phone: (520) 429-0348

Welcome to Camp Wildcat!

I am so excited you are visiting our website and are one step closer to joining this awesome organization. Please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have about Camp Wildcat and the events and activities over the course of the year!

Constitutional Duties

The Chairperson shall preside at the Board of Directors, general, and special meetings; shall coordinate, review, and evaluate officer duties; shall keep contact with the advisors and ASUA; shall schedule and conduct all elections; shall see that all constitutional requirements are fulfilled; shall coordinate funding requests from the ASUA appropriations board, and shall together with The Camp Wildcat Treasurer meet with a representative of the University of Arizona Foundation at least once each academic year to understand and ensure that the money in the Camp Wildcat Endowment is being appropriately spent and reinvested according to the Camp Wildcat Constitution (see Article VIII, Section 5).




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