Vice Chairperson Information

2017-2018: Ian Buterbaugh
Phone: (520) 204-6024

The Vice-Chairperson shall assist and work with the Chairperson; shall attain and maintain an insurance policy which allows Camp Wildcat to fulfill its objectives; shall oversee member development/enrichment; shall coordinate all necessary training in accordance with insurance requirements; shall maintain the Camp Wildcat World Wide Web page with useful and up-to-date information for club members and the general public, and shall ensure that an Insurance Officer (IO) attends every activity.  The IO shall be trained in first aid & CPR, have extensive knowledge of insurance issues, and shall control and administer all medications during all Camp Wildcat events.

People who need to meet with me to open their background checks:

Brunton, Ann | Hibberts, Jessica | Dunn, Kara | Mikolajczyk, Michael | Swain, Zachary | Thompson, Daniel | Zamora, Ania

People who need to see me in order to resubmit their background checks:

Flowers, Colton | Hollender, Nadine | Sanchez, Megan

First Aid and CPR Training

There must be at least one First Aide and CPR certified Camp Wildcat member at every activity. If you are interested in getting certified, there will be one opportunity per semester to get trained with the club, or you could consider the following Tucson locations.

Southern Arizona Red Cross: (520) 318-6740 or (800) 341-6943 

Save a Life: (520) 623-8484 

Food Sanitation & Certification Classes

There must be at least one person on person at a Camp Wildcat camp who is Food Certified in Pima County.

The Pima County Health Department class schedule and registration forms for Food Sanitation can be found on their web page:

Pima County Health Department- Consumer Health and Food Safety

High Occupancy Vehicle (HOV) Certification

Our organization periodically makes use of the 15 passenger vans available from the U of A Motorpool.  Each van must have 2 HOV trained drivers.  The HOV training is free and available to anyone with a driver´s license.  The certification requires a 2.5 hour class as well as a behind the wheel exam.  To find out class times and more general information please visit the training homepage.

Please contact Ian Buterbaugh with any questions or concerns:


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