Camp Wildcat Secretary

Constitutional Duties

The Secretary shall take minutes at all meetings and make copies available for general members in the office in a Minute Book; shall keep all correspondence up to date; shall assist Directors with correspondence including thank-you letters; and shall be responsible for maintaining an orderly office.

Actual Responsibilities

Weekly responsibilities include checking and delivering the mail and voicemail messages, keeping the office clean and organized, dealing with all matters concerning the office and CSIL access, keeping minutes at meetings, and taking attendance at board and general meetings. The Secretary has come to handle the nomination and election process of event directors as well. The Constitution´s description of responsibilities of the Secretary is limited, especially when compared with the other board members, so a certain amount of initiative is definitely a necessity for this position in addition to a willingness to help out other board members and event directors with their projects. However, it is a great way to learn about the intricacies of how Camp Wildcat works and provides an amazing opportunity to become really involved in the club.


For the Secretary...

Office Supplies

So you need to buy furniture or office supplies huh? Well the UA sells some used stuff really cheap at the Surplus Property, a division of Procurement and Contracting Services. Check it out and be amazed!

Office Computer

For technical support with Camp Wildcat's ethernet connection (or to register a new Network/Ethernet card on the UA network) in our office in the Student Union, contact:
Greg Horner
Network Manager, Student Union

Other Contact Information:
Dan Adams, Director of the Student Union: 621-1417;
Michelle Perez, Director of the CSIL: 621-8046 (CSIL front desk, who will put you through to Michelle);


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