The Sarah Beard Memorial Scholarship

Our Mission

From its humble origins in 1965, Camp Wildcat has grown into the flourishing organization it is today: a diverse and energetic force in the Tucson community. Whether it be taking elementary school students on weekend camping trips or helping out with a Math and Science night, CW does everything it can to facilitate the dreams and academic goals of Tucson’s youth. In 2012, after years of fundraising by its alumni organization, Friends of Camp Wildcat, it was determined that the club’s endowment fund had grown sizable enough to support a yearly scholarship. In the spirit of Camp Wildcat’s mission, this scholarship is awarded to an outstanding member of the community: a person who embodies Camp Wildcat and can demonstrate that this money would be used to further his or her academic goals.

Sarah's Legacy

After careful consideration, the club decided to dedicate the scholarship to the memory of former member, Sarah Beard. Sarah was an exemplary member of Camp Wildcat from 2002-2004. Her positive outlook on life and her drive for academic and professional excellence was immediately absorbed by both campers and counselors alike. The story is told of her first experience on a CW camp, a summer camp where the average temperature was 109. While the heat drained the spirits of even the most experienced counselors, Sarah managed to keep a smile on her face the entire time. This indomitable spirit stayed with her throughout her time in CW; Sarah was adored by her campers and peers during her tenure in Camp Wildcat, and her infectious enthusiasm for life served her well. After leaving the UofA her desire to help people continued, as she worked to provide after-school activities for middle school children and fight childhood obesity.

Sarah was only 23 years old when her life was taken away in November of 2007. She is lovingly remembered by her family, friends, and Camp Wildcat alumni and past campers as a caring, enthusiastic and loving person. Even though her time here was too short, she made an impact on those she met with her positive attitude and determination to make the world a better place. Her smile, which so often improved the moods of those around her, is remembered by all who knew her.

It is our hope that the Camp Wildcat Sarah Beard Memorial Scholarship will carry on Sarah’s legacy and will inspire college students for years to come.

How to apply

For those interested in applying, you can download the following application. Once completed you can email your application as well as your High School transcripts to Any incoming University of Arizona freshman from a Tucson-area high school is invited to apply.

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