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Camp Wildcat
1303 E University Blvd
Box 20681
Tucson, AZ 85719-0521

Phone: (520)621-7048
Fax: (520)621-7048
E-mail: mail@campwildcat.org

Camp Wildcat seeks to build positive relationships between University of Arizona students and underprivileged children in the Greater Tucson community. Our programs provide children with opportunities to have fun, interact closely with positive role models, explore diverse topics in a hands-on learning environment, enhance their own self image, and view higher education and general success as attainable goals. Activities include weekend camps, a week-long summer camp in the Grand Canyon, day activities, mock camps in the UMC Pediatrics Ward, backpacking trips for middle school students, and other special events for children.

Camp Wildcat embodies the concept of service learning by providing its members with the opportunity to learn valuable interpersonal skills such as leadership, grant writing, team building, planning, and educating. Extensive fundraising including our annual auction, along with significant networking with both the Tucson Community and the University of Arizona allow Camp Wildcat to continue to positively influence children’s lives into the future.

We always looking for donations, both monetary and in-kind. (Have an old, working camping stove you´ve been meaning to get rid of?) Please click on the above image to see how you can help us out!
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Last academic year alone, Camp Wildcat student volunteers:

  • Held 9 camps
  • Worked with over 800 children
  • Performed over 28,000 hours of community service
  • Raised over $13,000 through Fundraisers
  • Raised over $11,000 through Grants and Donations
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